Jump in. Get muddy. Go for it!

Monday, 19:00 - 20:30

Use Online Scout Manager to track badge progress and update personal details.

Enjoy adventures, explore surroundings, and be extraordinary. Scouts teaches 10½ to 14-year-olds independence and the significant role they play in world change.

Meeting every Wednesday, our Scout Troop engages in activities that expand their skills and perspectives. Scouts is about self-discovery and maximizing potential, regardless of who or where you are.

Setting ambitious goals, our Scouts, with guidance from skilled volunteers, can achieve anything they envision. They learn to start with small steps, aim high, bridge gaps, overcome obstacles, advocate for their beliefs, and create impact. It's all about fun and fulfilment. The only thing missing is you!

We work towards the Chief Scout's Gold award

Scouting is about trying new things and personal growth. From day one, you'll start earning badges, including the World Membership Badge, progressing at your own pace. As you move from the Scout troop to the Explorer Scout Unit, you'll collect numerous badges.

Our key aim is to guide Scouts towards the Chief Scout's Gold Award, the highest troop honor, through six challenge awards and four activity badges. Work towards the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award also contributes to this goal.

Challenge awards push you to step out of your comfort zone, engaging in tasks that expand your skills and impact the community. We support Scouts with a variety of events and activities to earn these badges, culminating in a personal challenge as they complete their scouting journey.

We acknowledge efforts beyond our events, with many badges available to showcase skills and interests developed outside of Scouts. Explore all activity badges on the Scouts website and utilize the Online Scout Manager Badges at Home feature for more information.

How old are Scouts?

Scouts typically range from 10½ to 14 years old, but we're flexible within Scouts guidelines. We welcome youth from age 10 if they're ready, and we can discuss this upon joining.

Transitioning to an Explorer Scout Unit is also adaptable. We often coordinate the move for Scout friendship groups to Explorers, extending up to 14½ years old if needed.

For those younger than 10½, consider our Cubs program, or add them to our Scouts New Member Waiting List.

Scouts is accessible to all, and we adapt for inclusive fun. For any accessibility queries, contact us to ensure the best Scouting experience.

Register on our waiting list, and once eligible, we’ll invite your child to start. Initially, uniforms aren’t needed, but as Scouts collect badges, we’ll inform you about uniform acquisition as they approach their Promise ceremony.

Subs: £35/term.
Barclays Sort Code: 20-45-45.
Account number: 63585905.
Reference: Child's Name.