• Ali Wood: Section Leader

  • Neil Earthrowl: Section Leader

  • Sam Martin: Section Leader

  • Ed Earley: Assistant Section Leader

  • Rob Iron-Hay: Assistant Section Leader

  • Hannah Hughes: Assistant Section Leader

  • Andy Ringsell: Section Assistant

  • Will Nicholl: Section Leader

  • Ed Earley: Assistant Section Leader

  • Paul Blundell: Assistant Section Leader

  • Ash Dove-Jay: Assistant Section Leader

  • Andy Valantine: Section Assistant

  • Richard Foster: Section Assistant

  • Vacant: Section Leader

  • Vacant: Section Leader

  • Marty Lock: Assistant Section Leader

  • Vacant: Assistant Section Leader

  • Group Scout Leader: Vacant

  • Chair Person: Sasha Osborn

  • Secretary: Lucie Elliot

  • Treasurer: Colette Handley

Executive Committee

Time Commitment: Expect 1.5-2 hours per week, primarily during our weekly activities.

Joining Your Child's Section: Absolutely! Many of our adult volunteers are parents.

Scouting Experience Requirement: None required – newcomers welcome!

Pre-Start Procedure: Before starting, a Section Leader will meet with you for an informal introduction to 1st Benson Scouts. We'll address your queries and handle some simple administrative tasks at your convenience.

Training Commitment: Flexible and manageable. It involves around 2 hours of basic online training, to be completed within the first 5 months of volunteering.

Benefits of Being an Adult Volunteer:

  • Forge stronger connections with the local community and build enduring friendships.

  • Experience a fun and gratifying escape from everyday life.

  • Fast-track your child's entry into 1st Benson Scouts, offering them an incredible opportunity (Assistants/Leaders only)

Becoming an Adult Volunteering, FAQ