Discover new experiences. Forge friendships. Embark on the Scouting adventure!

Thursday, 17:30 - 18:30

Use Online Scout Manager to track badge progress and update personal details.

Beavers offers 6 to 8-year-olds their first taste of exploration and growth, immersing them in new activities and learning experiences in impactful ways.

Each week, our Beavers hop, skip, and jump through fun, educational games at our Colony, effortlessly absorbing knowledge and skills in a joyful environment. They embark on diverse adventures, fostering curiosity and responsibility. Beyond mere fun, they form friendships, understand their community role, and develop life skills. This nurturing setting cultivates their growth, empowering them to set and achieve goals, making a positive impact both locally and globally.

We work towards the Chief Scout's Bronze award

In our Beaver Colony, we aim for the Chief Scout's Bronze Award, the highest achievement for Beavers, through six challenge awards and four activity badges. Starting with the World Membership Badge, Beavers earn badges at their own pace, expanding their collection as they transition to the Cub pack.

Scouting encourages trying new things and personal growth. Challenge awards push Beavers out of their comfort zones, leading to significant achievements within the colony and the wider community. We support our Beavers with various events and activities, helping them earn badges and face personal challenges as they conclude their Beaver journey.

We also value efforts outside our meetings, recognizing progress in daily activities and hobbies. This encourages Beavers to explore and develop new interests. For a full list of available badges, visit the Scouts website.

How old are Beaver Scouts?

Beaver Scouts are typically aged 6-8 years. We offer flexibility within Scouts guidelines, accepting children from 5¾ years if ready, and discussing specifics upon joining.

The transition to Cubs is also flexible, often aligning with friendship groups. We accommodate up to 8½ years for those who need it.

If your child is under 5¾, add them to our New Member Waiting List, and we'll reach out when a spot opens.

Join the 1st Benson Scouts Beavers Group, welcoming youths aged 5¾ to 8. Our group excels in engaging young people, with many progressing from Beavers to Explorer Scouts.

Beavers is inclusive, and we're committed to ensuring everyone can participate. Contact us with any accessibility questions, and we'll collaborate to provide the best Scouting experience.

To join, simply register on our new members waiting list. Once eligible, we'll invite you to your first session.

Initially, no uniform is required. As Beavers earn badges, they'll need a place to display them. We'll inform you about uniform acquisition before they make their Promise.

Subs: £35/term.
Barclays Sort Code: 20-45-45.
Account number: 63585905.
Reference: Child's Name.