Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Benefits of Joining Scouts:

    • Scouts gain confidence, responsibility, and a broader set of friends.

    • They enjoy activities and opportunities for personal growth and fun.

    • Scouting can positively impact family life and social skills.

  2. Getting Involved Without Skills:

    • Everyone has a skill to offer, whether in first aid, DIY, cooking, or even finance.

    • Volunteering is flexible and rewarding. Contact us to find out how you can help.

  3. Transferring to a New Scout Group:

    • Easy transfer process for those moving areas.

    • Contact your current leader and the new local Group.

    • Call the Scout Information Centre for assistance.

  4. Preparing for Section Advancement:

    • Check the process with your current Section Leader; it may vary.

    • Be aware of changes in meeting times and locations.

    • Communicate any special considerations, like friends or transport sharing.

  5. Promise and Uniform Requirements for Advancement:

    • Transition periods involve attending both sections.

    • Wear the old section's uniform until officially moving up.

    • Some badges transfer to the new uniform.

  6. Costs of Scouting:

    • £35 per term, 3 terms a year (Jan - Easter, Easter - Jul, Aug - Dec).

    • Uniform purchase, see here.

    • Payment via Online Scout Manager, direct debit, or bank transfer.

    • For bank transfers; ensure child's name and payment purpose (e.g. subs, camp, etc.) are included. Barclays, Sort-Code: 20-45-45, Account: 63585905.

  7. Scout Activity Program:

    • A comprehensive educational program covering outdoor, adventure, global, community, etc.

    • Leaders are trained to deliver this diverse and engaging program.

  8. Scouting Leadership Regulations:

    • Governed by the Scout Association’s Policies, Organisation and Rules (POR).

    • Ensures safe, responsible, and enjoyable scouting experiences.

  9. Knife Regulations for Scouts:

    • Usage governed by law and Scout Association Policy.

    • Knives used only with leader permission and for specific activities.

    • Misuse leads to confiscation and potential activity bans.

  10. Becoming an Adult Volunteer:

    • Time Commitment: Expect 1.5-2 hours per week, 3 weeks per month, primarily during our weekly activities.

    • Joining Your Child's Section: Absolutely! Many of our adult volunteers are parents.

    • Scouting Experience Requirement: None required – newcomers welcome!

    • Pre-Start Procedure: Before starting, a Section Leader will meet with you for an informal introduction to 1st Benson Scouts. We'll address your queries and handle some simple administrative tasks at your convenience.

    • Training Commitment: Flexible and manageable. It involves around 2 hours of basic online training, to be completed within the first 5 months of volunteering.

    • Benefits of Being an Adult Volunteer: Forge stronger connections with the local community and build enduring friendships. Experience a fun and gratifying escape from everyday life. Fast-track your child's entry into 1st Benson Scouts, offering them an incredible opportunity.

Additional Information: For more queries, feel free to email or speak directly to a Section Leader.