Scouting and COVID

Scouting and the Impact of COVID


COVID has understandably significantly altered the way Scouting takes place which has largely limited us to virtual or isolated activities.  A new Scouting Framework has been devised by the Scout Association which gives us a pathway to a return to Face to Face Scouting. Full details of this Framework can be found HERE.

The Traffic Light System

  • Red - no face to face activities
  • Amber - limited outdoor activities and no indoor
  • Yellow - enhanced ability to door outdoor and limited indoor activities
  • Green - back to pre-COVID 'normal'

Risk Assessments - General Principles

  • Risk Assessments are mandatory for Scouting to continue Face to Face.  They must be approved by 1st Benson Executive Committee then by Thames Chiltern District BEFORE any Face to Face activities can take place.
  • The earliest that the District have said they will be able to approve any Risk Assessments is 20 Jul.

Current Traffic Light Status

The Next Steps

  • As soon as section Risk Assessments and Activity Forms are approved, leaders will communicate programmes to parents.
  • Communication will include specific limitations of activities (max group size is currently 15 for any activity and this includes adults).
  • Participation in any activity is entirely at the discretion of parents.
  • All instructions regarding pick-up, drop-off and social distancing measures will be communicated and must be adhered to so we comply with the Risk Assessments


The Scouts Risk Assessment can be found HERE and the Return to Scouting Activity Form is HERE.  They are with District for approval and cover activities such as Water, Hikes, Wide Games, outdoors cooking and outdoors Scouting skills.


The Cubs Risk Assessment is under development


The Beavers Risk Assessment is under development

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